Cultural Competency Training

different cultural greetings

Communication goes beyond language, and effective communication means more than saying hello. True language competence involves an awareness of the cultural factors

Cultural competency is useful for people who work within the medical industry, businesses who are looking to expand to foreign countries, international business meetings, and much more. Underlying every social interaction and cultural misunderstandings are the biggest factor that lead people to shorten overseas trips or to make a bad impression.

We offer cultural competency training that helps you understand the culture of the people you intend to visit so you can know what to expect from the moment you step off the airplane. Never again do you need to fear awkward social interactions or unfamiliar customs, as we provide strategies and techniques for handling the unexpected.

All of our instructors are native speakers and are fully versed in both the target language and its culture. Whether you have many Egyptian hospital patients, have a business meeting with a Japanese company, or are expanding your business to Argentina, we have culturally competent instructors standing ready.

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