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How to Become a UN Interpreter

8th April, 2016 I by Kyra Hogue

The United Nations was founded on the 24th of October, 1945. 50 countries were represented in San Francisco at the United Nations Conference on International Organization. There, they drew up the United Nations Charter. The goal of the UN is to maintain international peace and security. Many interpreters dream of working for the UN. It […]

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Common Myths about Simultaneous Interpretation

18th March, 2016 I by Kyra Hogue

There are several myths and misunderstandings surrounding the field of translation. Some are larger than others, and more or less harmless. Let’s take a look at the five most common myths about simultaneous interpretation. Translation and interpretation are the same thing The biggest misunderstanding of them all. Using translation and interpretation interchangeably, while understandable, is […]

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The 50th Super Bowl in several languages

12th February, 2016 I by Kyra Hogue

The Denver Broncos are League Champions once again after nearly 20 years. Having appeared in the playoffs every year since 2011, the team finally broke through against the Carolina Panthers, and won the 50th Super Bowl. The national anthem was sung this year by Lady Gaga, and was performed in American Sign Language by Marlee […]

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Key skills that define a professional interpreter

3rd December, 2015 I by Elizabeth Conant

Often, bilingual people find themselves filling the role of impromptu interpreter, whether they be children of immigrant parents or adult members of two language communities. Yet bilingualism encompasses a wide range of language proficiencies, and even a person who is a native speaker in two languages is likely to have different strengths in each. Some […]

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How to become a certified court interpreter?

4th November, 2015 I by Translation Excellence

State-Certification The requirements for becoming a state-certified court interpreter are different from those for becoming a federal court interpreter. Each state has its own regulations and exams that must be passed to gain certification. For example, Colorado requires applicants to pass an orientation, a written exam, and an oral exam. New York, on the other […]

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Simultaneous Interpreting: Why Do You Need Two Interpreters?

23rd October, 2015 I by Harry Hogue

Simultaneous interpreting is a demanding profession requiring unwavering attention to detail and an ability to synthesize and analyze information. It also requires the interpreter to have the ability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances, whether they be linguistic , cultural, or geographic. Unlike many other occupations, simultaneous interpretation is not a skill one masters and then […]

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ER Critical Moments: Simultaneous Interpreting for Emergency Services

15th October, 2015 I by Harry Hogue

Emergency services are critical the world over. NO matter who you are or where you live, you will at one point or another doubtless find yourself in need of emergency services, whether it’s medical professionals, the local police, or the fire department. When you do, you need to be able to communicate quickly, effectively, and […]

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Pros and Cons of Telephonic Interpretation

9th October, 2015 I by Eve Olson

In some situations, interpretation over the telephone is preferable over classic in-person interpretation. Phone interpretation has advantages as well as drawbacks. Also referred to as telephonic interpretation and OPI (over-the-phone interpretation), this method can be more time and cost effective. So what are some of the pros and cons of telephonic interpretation? Pros of Telephonic […]

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Football Season in America and the Need for Simultaneous Interpreting

2nd October, 2015 I by Aaron Bushman

As football season kicks off in America, fans all over the country are gathering around TV’s in bars and living rooms to watch their team strive for victory. Although some don’t want to hear what the announcers think about the game, there are quite a few fans that would love to see their first language […]

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Five Things to Remember During Simultaneous Interpretation

25th September, 2015 I by Harry Hogue

Simultaneous interpretation presents a unique set of challenges for the interpreter and numerous benefits for the listener. It allows attendees at international conferences to access the same information at the same time as everyone else. It provides for efficient and critical rapid-response services from medical personnel in emergency situations. It also enables conversation to flow […]

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Relay Interpretation

11th September, 2015 I by Eve Olson

Even people who know about relay interpretation may have some gaps in their knowledge, and we’re going to fix that today! If you are totally unfamiliar with the topic, no need to worry either. We’ll start off with a simple explanation. Relay interpretation is a type of interpretation that is used when interpretation between two […]

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The Creation of Simultaneous Interpretation

4th September, 2015 I by Elizabeth Conant

Prior to 1945, interpretation was a time-intensive endeavor, especially if a speech needed to be translated into multiple target languages. Limited to consecutive interpretation, the interpreter and the speaker would trade off, each waiting for the other to finish before continuing. As a result, large international meetings could extended in length by hours or days. […]

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