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Constructed International Auxiliary Languages

4th August, 2015 I by Caleb Eckenwiler

As countries rise to the status as world powers, their languages become popular, and after these countries fall, their languages slowly become less popular and well known. English and French have been used recently as quasi-universal languages, and in the past, Latin and Ancient Greek were used as the international languages of communication. However, using […]

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The History of Language: What We Used to Speak

2nd July, 2015 I by Elizabeth Conant

Tracing languages back is one of the most useful tools in understanding how groups of people have moved, changed, and interacted. The dialects that turned to languages as they diverged and migrated to new areas and the words they borrowed from new groups they met all can provide a history of interactions using the words […]

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6 Fun Facts about the Arabic Language

21st May, 2015 I by Eve Olson

Arabic is written using an alphabet just like English! العربية يُكتَب بأبجدية كما الإنجليزية There are 28 letters in the Arabic alphabet. Just like English, each letter represents a different sound used in the language. Unlike English, Arabic is read from right to left, and it is always written in “cursive,” meaning the letters always […]

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Ten Things You Never Knew About the Japanese Language

27th April, 2015 I by Translation Excellence

Many aspects of Japanese are quite different from English, making learning Japanese at times more challenging, but also quite interesting for learners interested in the similarities and differences among languages. Learn more about what makes Japanese a unique language with these facts! Japanese has different styles or words used by speakers that sound either feminine […]

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The Human Brain and Language – Use of Brainpower!

3rd March, 2015 I by Translation Excellence

The art of being able to express one’s self in more than one language is a rare and wonderful gift that often requires a lifetime of learning. At a very young age, the human brain is exposed to a series of sounds that begin to create associations in the brain as the young child begins […]

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English language comes to the Tour de France

11th February, 2015 I by Lyssandra Allen

As the contenders in the legendary bicycle race around France have become more diversified, the lingua franca of the race has been changing over the years. Despite France’s well-known desire to keep the language “pure” and unsullied via the Académie française, English has become the most common language to hear at the race. Communiques from […]

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First Senate speech in Spanish

29th January, 2015 I by Lyssandra Allen

Early June of 2013 saw a new first in the Senate building in Washington, DC: the Senator from Virginia, Time Kaine, stood up to support an immigration overhaul bill, and did so entirely in Spanish. Sentences, references, and brief statements made in other languages have happened in the past, but not a 15-minute statement. The […]

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Musical training may enhance language processing

24th December, 2014 I by Translation Excellence

Recent studies have shown a positive link between a person’s ability to keep time with a musical rhythm and their ability to respond to sounds. More than 100 teenagers in Chicago and its surroundings were asked to listen to a metronome and tap their finger along with it. Accuracy was calculated on how closely the […]

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Understanding Positive and Negative Body Language

16th December, 2014 I by Harry Hogue

While understanding body language is not as straightforward as some television shows, it is still a useful and necessary skill when interacting with clients and business partners. This article explores the universal nature of body language, why much of it is universal, and how this can assist in communication even if two people do not […]

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Reading Novels in a Foreign Language

10th November, 2014 I by Translation Excellence

Are you looking to improve your proficiency by reading? Skimming news articles, magazines, and even catalogs can improve vocabulary and boost your grammar, but second language learners often turn to novels as a more engaging way to work on reading comprehension. It is generally more enjoyable to involve yourself in a book with an interesting […]

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Tips for learning Japanese as a Second Language

3rd November, 2014 I by Amanda Barnstien

For an English speaker, learning Japanese can seem overwhelming. With kanji, katakana, hiragana, and a new grammar structure, the learning process can seem nearly impossible. Despite this initial shock, Japanese is a completely accessible language to English speakers, even though learning Japanese will take time and commitment. Check out these tips to make the process […]

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Essential Japanese Phrases for International Business

1st October, 2014 I by Amanda Barnstien

Going abroad for business, especially when you do not know the language, can feel overwhelming. You are stepping into a new culture, in the hopes of expanding your business to new markets. While there is a lot you can do to prepare for such an adventure, a good place to start would be learning some […]

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