Dari Translation Services in Denver

At Translation Excellence, our Dari linguists are extremely dedicated to providing the highest quality language services to each client and consider it an honor and a privilege to be selected as the language provider for clients all around the world.
To provide the top quality Dari language services, we have selected the most qualified linguists out of a wide group of applicants.

Our linguists were selected based on their linguistic knowledge, cultural competency, their years of experience in the language services industry and their industry specific knowledge that allows for highly accurate language services that are explained in full to the target audience. Our linguists are extremely knowledgeable and are highly qualified to provide only the highest quality Dari language services.

The Dari language services that we offer include written translation, verbal interpretation, cultural competency classes and language learning classes . The certified Dari translators can translate any and all written material using Dari as either a source or target language. Our Dari linguists have extensive experience in providing translations for a variety of different documents, especially legal documents that are guaranteed to be certified and accepted by any government agency in the United States upon completion.

The certified Dari interpreters are able to perform both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for clients as requested. Our Dari interpreters have years of experience providing both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation and have industry specific knowledge that ensures their full understanding of the communication occurring between the two parties and their ability to explain each message in full in the target language.

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