Government Translation & Interpretation Services

Highest Quality Written Translations & Confidential Interpreting Services

We provide translation services to Federal Agencies and Prime Contractors, with particular expertise in the translation of technical and sensitive documents in the areas of National Security, Defense and Nonproliferation.Government Translation Services

To meet the growing need for language services, our expert translators and interpreters most of whom held government positions understand the importance of accurate translations.

We are one of the largest translation vendors for the US Government. We offer langauge services for over 135 languages. Our language experts are fast, professional, and accurate. They only translate into their native language to ensure the highest quality translations.

Because government agencies have their own set of regulations, procedures, and processes, our translators are similarly knowledgeable. Not only possessing language-specific knowledge, our linguists also have a specialized understanding of government agencies’ regulations and processes in order to ensure translations for government agencies comply with their unique requirements.

No matter your specific agency’s purpose, communication is key. At Translation Excellence, communication between speakers of multiple languages is our priority.

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