Save your Time and Money with our Certified Translation Service. Get your birth certificate translated into any language.

Translation of small but official documents requires the fine tuned knowledge and experience of a professional translator. This is why Translation Excellence offers certified birth certificate translation services. For this type of legal document, a neutral third party translation is important, especially when the translation needs to be certified and notified.

Self-translated documents often receive rejections from government agencies, and this can delay immigration by more than six months. To avoid this hassle, we highly recommend you use a professional translator for this kind of official document. A certified translator will not only guarantee accuracy in the translation, but also handle formatting, requirements, and paperwork involved in getting the document approved. We can also assist you in preparing the document for use in a foreign country. Many countries will reject documents that are not accompanied by an Apostille. This is an authentication of the official seals and signatures that appear with a public document like a birth certificate.

What does certified mean? A certified document must consist of the translated document with a signature from the translator along with a notarization from an approved Notary Public. When the translator signs the document, he or she is affirming that they have provided, to the best of their knowledge, a full, accurate, and true translation. This signature is a “Certificate of Translation.”

To request translation of a birth certificate, there is no need to send in the original document. A scanned copy or high quality photograph is preferred, and can be easily sent by email. If you do not already have a copy, you can follow this link [] for information on how to request records from each state. As one of the leading providers of birth certificate translation in Denver, we understand how important timeliness is, and we guarantee punctuality on all translation projects. Because of this, in addition to confidentiality, professionalism, and our use of only the most qualified translators, you can be sure that you are receiving the best possible translation service.

Translation Excellence offers its services in more than 135 languages, so whatever your language needs may be, we have the team to assist you. Translations to and from English are both available, so whether you are coming into the United States with a foreign birth certificate or you are planning to move abroad, Translation Excellence is the perfect place to acquire birth certificate translation services.

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  1. How much does it cost to translate a mexican birth certificate into english?


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