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1. Definitions
Company – Translation Excellence
Referrer – the individual or company who refers a paying new client to Translation Excellence.
Referred Client – the new client referred to Translation Excellence by the Referrer.

2. Notification
The Company will notify the Referrer within 5 business days if one of their Referred Clients has ordered a service from the Company. At this time the Company will also notify the Referrer the expected commission that the Company will pay the Referrer.

3. Payment
The Company will pay the Referrer 10% of the total project revenue for the first completed project plus 5% of the total project revenue of each subsequent project ordered by the Referred Client for the first year. The Company will pay the Referrer within 30 days after receipt of full payment from the Referred Client. Payment will be sent by mail in the form of company check and will be in U.S. dollars.

4. Confirmation of Client
For the Referrer to receive a commission from a project completed by the Referred Client, the Referred Client must confirm that the Referrer was the individual or company who referred the Company to them.

5. Relationship
The relationship formed between the Company and the Referrer is that of a referrer and a seller. The relationship shall not be mistaken as that of an employee and employer or a joint venture.

6. Non-Exclusive
The Company recognizes that the Referrer is not bound to exclusively refer clients to the Company and that the Referrer is free to send potential clients to other translation companies.

7. Responsibility of Referrer
In the case of a dispute between the Company and the Referred Client, the Referrer will not be held responsible for any work performed by the Company.

8. Confidentiality
Any information shared between the Referrer and the Company will remain confidential. Confidential includes, but is not limited to, potential client information.

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