Mission Statement

Our mission is to bridge human beings by breaking through language and cultural barriers.

Values Statement

We believe in the power of understanding. The end goal of every project we work on is to innovate and improve the world we live in by empowering individuals from different backgrounds and cultures to collaborate. Every problem has a unique solution. By bringing together people from all over the world, language services are a catalyst for new ideas, new perspectives, and a better future.

Latest From The Blog

  • First Senate speech in Spanish

    Early June of 2013 saw a new first in the Senate building in Washington, DC: the Senator from Virginia, Time Kaine, stood up to support an immigration overhaul bill, and did so entirely in Spanish. Sentences, references, and brief statements made in other languages have happened in the past, but not a 15-minute statement. The

  • Cleaning up mistranslated signs – What a cool idea

    Anyone who has travelled to a foreign country is familiar with the sense of mild amusement that comes from finding public signs horribly mistranslated. Examples of bad translations can be found on any number of websites devoted to such mistakes, and terms such as Spanglish, Engrish, Franglish, etc. have been coined to refer to them.


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