Mission Statement

Our mission is to bridge human beings by breaking through language and cultural barriers.

Values Statement

We believe in the power of understanding. The end goal of every project we work on is to innovate and improve the world we live in by empowering individuals from different backgrounds and cultures to collaborate. Every problem has a unique solution. By bringing together people from all over the world, language services are a catalyst for new ideas, new perspectives, and a better future.

Latest From The Blog

  • Learning Languages through Comics

      Everyone knows that learning a new language is a task that requires a lot of time and practice. Language learning in a classroom environment consists of formal lessons, explicitly teaching grammar, and a lot of repetition and memorization. While this is one of the most standard techniques used for second language learning, it can
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  • Much Ado about Translation: Translating Shakespeare

    In 2012, the Globe Theater performed Shakespeare in 37 different languages. Shakespeare is one of the most universally recognized playwrights and poets in the world, and, after religious texts, his works are among the most translated texts in history. Since 1960, there have been Shakespearian publications and productions in over 75 languages, including Klingon and
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