Interpreting Services

Professional interpreters and technology solutions for all your multilingual communication needs.

Guarantee successful communication across languages.

  • Multilingual communication

    Interpreting services and technology solutions to overcome language barriers in on-site, hybrid or remote settings.

  • Inclusivity and diversity

    Create an inclusive environment, where spoken and sign language interpretation ensure effective interactions between all stakeholders.

  • Value and efficiency

    Facilitate interactions and increase communication efficiency within your organization, bridging languages and cultures.

Tailored interpreting solutions for your specific domain.

Comes with AIIC interpreters, event managers, equipment, technicians, and dedicated 24/7 support – anywhere in the world!

A vast range of experiences across both the private and public sectors.

 A global network of interpreters covering myriad language pairs.

 Our interpreters and project teams strictly follow Codes of Ethics and Conduct.

We are ISO 9001 Quality Standards, ISO 27001 Information Security, and ISO 18841 Interpreting Services Certified.

Equipped to handle tight schedules, sudden meetings, expansive projects, and multiple languages.

Our Interpreting Services


Over-The-Phone (OPI)

Professional On-Demand phone interpreting

Simultaneous Interpretation

Receive the same information, at the same time, in your own language.

Video/Web Conference

communicate with anyone from anywhere without leaving your desk.

ASL Interpreting

TE Helps Organizations Meet the Needs of their Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D/HoH) Employees and Visitors

Consecutive Interpretation

When the speaker pauses for the interpreter to translate the message into the target language

Corporate Interpreting

Interpreting Solutions for Multilingual Gatherings and Events

From corporate town halls and training workshops to webinars, live showcases, and global summits, our interpreting services empower you to connect with diverse audiences, ensuring every communication is accessible and welcoming across all languages. We offer comprehensive packages tailored for global events, encompassing interpretation, website localization, multimedia adaptations, and additional resources.

TE delivers customized remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) solutions, guiding you to the ideal configuration for your meeting, tailored to your specific needs, such as preferred web conferencing tools, meeting functionalities, and streaming preferences.

Turnkey solutions for in-person communication needs, from conferences and events to workshops, site visits and audits, including interpreter services, equipment (booths or portable systems) and specialized technical support.

In hybrid settings, content from one or multiple onsite locations is streamed to a remote audience; speakers may be onsite or attend remotely. We provide professional interpreter services, remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) technology, equipment, as well as onsite or remote support.

With our over the phone (OPI) and video remote interpretation (VRI) services  you can connect with an interpreter anytime and from anywhere – for everyday customer interactions or internal multilingual communication.  

  • 24/7/365 access, available via phone, app, or web portal
  • Automated workflows 
  • Advanced matching mechanism that instantly pairs your requests with the ideal interpreter.
  • Real-time statistics and usage data

Our interpreters excel in enabling effective communication between healthcare professionals and patients across various medical environments. Whether face-to-face, over the phone, or through video conferencing, TE seamlessly bridges language barriers, elevating the quality of patient care.

From court hearings to justice procedures, our legal interpreting services are designed to ensure accurate, confidential, and effective communication between all parties involved.

TE partners with immigrant and refugee organizations to bridge language gaps, enabling access to essential information and services for those rebuilding their lives in new territories.

Drawing from our extensive experience in the public sector, we offer tailor-made interpreting services that guarantee seamless and precise communication with diverse communities, to enhance access to essential services and promote inclusivity. 

Public Sector Interpreting

Fostering Clear Communication Between Public Institutions and Their Communities

In our modern, diverse society, top-tier public service interpreting isn't just a luxury; it's essential. At TE, we understand the critical role of clear communication between public entities and their constituents. Our specialized Public Sector Interpreting Services are designed to facilitate smooth and effective exchanges between institutions and the communities they represent.

International institutions

For elite gatherings and conferences, our expert conference interpreters, augmented with state-of-the-art technology for onsite, remote, and hybrid environments, guarantee fluid communication for varied audiences. Our seasoned teams guide every phase, anticipating the distinct challenges of large-scale events. This encompasses managing multiple languages or participants, overseeing concurrent sessions, and accommodating expansive attendee numbers, whether in a unified or hybrid context.

Sign language interpreting services

Connecting worlds, embracing inclusive communication

We believe language should never be a barrier, and communication should know no limits. Our commitment to spoken and sign language doesn’t differ in nature: we aim to foster inclusion and enable everyone to express themselves freely in their mother tongue through the assistance of an interpreter.

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