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Interpretation Errors with False Friends

When rapidly switching back and forth between two languages during a fast-paced conversation, an inexperienced interpreter might accidentally use a “false friend.”  Interpretation errors with False friends are words from two different languages that sound similar but have meanings that are not the same.  The differences can be subtle, but in many cases the meanings […]

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16th October, 2020 I by WebSiteAdmin

The Challenges of Translating Numbers and Math

translating numbers

Translation and interpretation can be especially challenging when dealing with numbers and math.  The notation for writing out numbers and the meaning behind mathematical symbols can differ significantly depending on language and culture.  The ways in which numbers are expressed verbally are not universal either.  For instance, different cultures have their own rules for talking […]

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1st September, 2020 I by Andy Alexander

New IRS Contract Creates Opportunities for ASL Interpreter and CART Writer Freelancers and Service Schedulers

New IRS Nationwide Opportunities for ASL Interpreters and CART Writers In March 2020, Translation Excellence, Inc., was awarded a five-year, task order style contract to provide Sign Language Interpretation (SLI) and Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) services for the Internal Revenue Services (IRS).  Under the IRS contract, the firm will provide service to Deaf and […]

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25th March, 2020 I by WebSiteAdmin

5 Tips on How to Become a Great Conference Interpreter

Conference Interpreter

As a conference interpreter, your role is to facilitate a conversation in a meeting between multinational parties, the clients of which ranging from small companies to international organizations to government meetings. As the interpreter, you become almost as essential to the meeting as the official members because you are the link between them. Therefore, how […]

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8th January, 2018 I by Natalie White

Attention Arabic Students: Learn a Colloquial Dialect!


At the end of the first semester of my sophomore year, I thought that I had nearly conquered the Arabic language. I figured that I was ready to go abroad; I had the necessary skills to communicate in a casual setting and make friends. I was wrong. In the second semester of my sophomore year, […]

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5th December, 2017 I by Zachary Sheaffer

Consecutive vs. Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation

The two major forms of interpretation are consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation. Consecutive interpretation is a method in which the interpreter waits for the speaker to finish their communication before presenting it into the target language. The interpretation is portioned into segments, the length of which is dependent on the preference of the client. Sometimes […]

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1st December, 2017 I by Zachary Sheaffer

Five benefits of raising bilingual children


Recently I was asked to list five benefits to being bilingual. Well that’s easy enough I thought as there really are so many benefits to being bilingual. However, raising a child to be truly bilingual is not always as easy. Parents encourage your children to speak your language, your native tongue and that of your […]

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27th November, 2017 I by Elena Orozco

Foreign Language in Education: Europe vs. USA

Foreign Language

With nearly 200 countries, close to 7,000 languages and over 7.1 billion people in this world, cross-cultural communication can be extremely challenging. Every day people face language barriers that lead to miscommunications which can yield life-altering outcomes. The United States and Europe have varying emphasis placed on foreign language studies; it is mandatory to study […]

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22nd November, 2017 I by Erin Lipp

UN Interpreters vs. UN Translators

The United Nations relies on its translators and interpreters to bridge the gap of communication between the international member nations that do not operate in the same language. Find out how each role uniquely contributes to the function of the UN. Both United Nations interpreters and translators are fundamental components of the United Nations operations […]

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20th November, 2017 I by WebSiteAdmin

Why The United States Doesn’t Need an Official Language


Did you think English was the official language of the United States? It may be the primary language that the U.S. government and media conduct themselves in, but it has never been formally declared. In fact, the U.S. has no designated language, making it one of very few countries in this scenario. This post explores […]

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17th November, 2017 I by WebSiteAdmin

Deaf West Theatre’s Spring Awakening Brings American Sign Language to the Tony Awards

On June 12th, 2016 the 70th annual Tony Awards captured the attention of nearly nine million American viewers as the hit musical Hamilton racked up an astounding eleven honors. However, many believe the most noteworthy performance to grace the Beacon Theatre stage Sunday night was Deaf West Theatre’s reproduction of Spring Awakening, one of the […]

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16th November, 2017 I by Zachary Sheaffer

To Correct or Not to Correct: Source Texts with Poor Grammar


“I go to the store and bought eggs.” Here lies an example of one of the biggest challenges faced by translators on a daily basis- source texts with poor grammar. Should you correct the mistake? Should you let it go and just put it in your translator’s notes? Should you throw the document in the […]

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8th November, 2017 I by Zachary Sheaffer

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