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All About Video Game Localization

28th July, 2015 I by Elizabeth Conant

The video game industry is among the most globalized entertainment sectors, with gaming production powerhouses located in the U.S. and in Japan. Games from these two countries and others are played on a range of platforms from Facebook to PlayStation to Xbox. Before they make their way to enthusiastic audiences around the world, each game […]

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Three economies to watch in 2015

6th February, 2015 I by Translation Excellence

Since 2003, the acronym BRICS has been used by foreign investors to describe some of the world’s top growing economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. While these countries are still economic powerhouses as 2015 begins, other countries have growing economies that may increase their importance on the global economic stage. Here are three […]

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Customer Service Around the World

4th December, 2014 I by Amanda Barnstien

If you have ever worked in a restaurant or retail store, the phrase “the customer is always right” might have been drilled into your head. But does customer service around the world really follow this rule? Customers have power to influence a company’s profit based on the quality of service they receive by telling others […]

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Expanding your Market: 3 Tips to target non-English speakers

31st October, 2014 I by Translation Excellence

Expanding your company is a good way to continue to grow and develop brand recognition. This can be done in many ways; for example, you could develop new products that appeal to a specific age group or create options to attract more buyers. Another important approach to consider in broadening your market is appealing to […]

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Should I Study my Client’s Language?

10th October, 2014 I by Philip Ward

As most people with careers in the marketing business will tell you, the most important aspect to consider when marketing your service or business to your clients is their needs and interests. This is why when marketing internationally, it is important to market to your client’s culture, whether or not they speak your same language. […]

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How Can I Best Reach My Non-English Speaking Clients

26th September, 2014 I by Philip Ward

When marketing to clients, it is important to try and receive as much positive reception as possible. However, not every customer responds the same to the same marketing campaign. This is why it is important to create different marketing campaigns that target certain groups of people. Today we will discuss the best strategy to reach […]

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How to Market Energy Resources to People Who Don’t Speak Your Language

12th September, 2014 I by Philip Ward

In the energy business, advertising is critical to receiving positive reception from your clients. However, the techniques used to market to certain clients may not necessarily be universal for all clients. Perhaps, clients who don’t speak the same language as you do may misinterpret your advertising and you may receive a negative response. This blog […]

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How to Effectively Build Meaningful Business Relationships Around the World

29th August, 2014 I by Philip Ward

In the professional world, who you know is all that matters. With that in mind, it is important to know how to effectively build and maintain business relationships in order to maximize your professional connections. The following tips should help you understand how to build the necessary international business relationships that will help you succeed […]

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The Importance of a Quality Tagline to the Success of your Business

18th July, 2014 I by Translation Excellence

“That was easy,” “Magically delicious,” and “The happiest place on earth.” All of these are business taglines that conjure up an image of a brand, product or service within a few simple words. Coming up with a business tagline that people like and easily remember can help you establish your company to potential customers. Creating […]

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Sample Translations

11th July, 2014 I by Philip Ward

When debating which company to choose for a particular service, it is often a good idea to compare the companies’ quality of work and choose the one that best meets your needs. For example, if you were to choose a catering company, wouldn’t you like to taste some of the foods they make before you […]

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What “Oil” and “Gas” Mean in the Petroleum Industry

27th June, 2014 I by Philip Ward

When interacting with the petroleum industry, the terms “oil” and “gas” come up in conversation more than any other words. However, if asked, do you actually know what “oil” and “gas” refer to? Oil is a colloquial term for crude oil, which is another way of saying petroleum. This petroleum is extracted from the ground […]

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Explaining that “Freelance” Doesn’t Mean “Free Services”

20th June, 2014 I by Amanda Barnstien

Any person who works as a freelancer, whether a freelance writer, a freelance translator or freelance computer programmer, obviously does not work for free. The term “freelance” simply describes the person who sells services rather than one who works for a company earning an hourly wage. However, people may erroneously assume that terms like “freelance […]

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