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The Importance of a Quality Tagline to the Success of your Business

18th July, 2014 I by Translation Excellence

“That was easy,” “Magically delicious,” and “The happiest place on earth.” All of these are business taglines that conjure up an image of a brand, product or service within a few simple words. Coming up with a business tagline that people like and easily remember can help you establish your company to potential customers. Creating a quality tagline will help people identify with your business on a more personal level. If people remember your tagline, and therefore your business, they will be more likely to choose your brand when they are in the market for your services over a company they are unfamiliar with. Freelance translators, too,  can use taglines to their advantage.

A tagline is a short phrase that describes your company in a memorable way. A business tagline can incorporate information about your product, like M&M’s “Melt in your mouth, not in your hand,” or a mindset, like Nike’s “Just do it”.

Business taglines help to establish your company’s identity. Creating a company identity and brand will allow your company to gain a loyal community of followers. For a freelance translator, consider marketing yourself based on what languages you specialize in. Market yourself as a brand. Will you provide high-quality professional services, or do you work more with immigrant families?

This in turn leads to new customers who recognize you as trustworthy based on what you offer.

If you are worried about creating a catchy business tagline, consider what you want your tagline to incorporate and what you want your brand image to be. For example, your business might want to market itself as family-oriented or community-centered, based on who your target customer is. An appropriate tagline should reinforce your brand goals,.  This consistency will help customers remember your company.

For more information on creating your own business tagline, check out these 8 tips.

Which famous business tagline do you think of first?

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