Life Sciences

We live in a world where medical advances happen almost daily. The need for life science translation is omnipresent across every sector of this industry. From pharma and biotech
to healthcare and medical devices, we are connected globally.


Life Science Translations

Because of the highly technical, sensitive and regulated nature of medicine, life science translation is perhaps the most essential operation that must be handled with surgical-like precision and quality control as any mis-translation or omission could have a disastrous effect on how a device is used, treatment is provided, or worse…someone’s life. The team of skilled experts at Translation Excellence understands what is at stake. Not only do we employ native speakers in over 170 languages throughout the globe, but they are also subject matter experts with years of relevant experience in the field.We only employ the best, and you should too. Protect your clients, protect your customers, protect your business.

Pharmaceutical & Biotech

Translation Excellence helps all facets of pharmaceutical and biotech organizations with a complete toolbox of language solutions and services, from pre-clinical to post market.We employ top of the industry technologies which help you gain greater process efficiency, decrease turnaround time, and reduce costs while providing the highest level of language and content services and unmatched expertise.

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Services We Provide

  • Medical Interpretation
  • Clinical Translation & Validation
  • Regulatory Translation
  • Marketing & Commercialization
  • Intellectual Property Translation
  • Pharmaceutical translation and Medical device localization

Clinical Research Organizations (CRO’s)

Clinical trials produce mountains of paperwork, and these documents require more meticulous quality control and accuracy when faced with translations. These translations require a complex workflow void of errors and delays in order to keep your strict timelines from stalling. In a sector fraught with constant shifting timelines, ethics committee revisions and regulations by multiple governing bodies, having Translation Excellence as your trusted partner lets you focus on what you do best.

Medical Device Companies

Medical devices, whether for professionals or patients, come complete with labels, instructions, diagrams and packaging—all intended for one thing: to be used appropriately. Clear, concise and correct translations help safeguard against unintended misuse, which promotes safety, and compliancy with international and national regulatory requirements.

Our Global Clients

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