In the complex world of engineering, attention to detail is everything.


We Speak Your Language

Science, technology and mathematics are absolutes, so when those absolutes need to be translated precisely into another language, firms turn to the experts at Translation Excellence. Our team of industry experts, skilled language professionals and project managers ensure each translation reads as both—accurate and concise—complete with technical terms, industry specific jargon and appropriate terminology.

Professional, Accurate Engineering Translation

There are many sides to a project throughout a life cycle and often just as many teams collaborating. In today’s open market, many teams areseparated internationally. Our translators are both masters of your target language and your subject matter. Content available in each team’s native languageensures your project stays on target and on budget.

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Document Translation Services

Translation Excellence will see your project through, from the drawing board to the final product. We are meticulous and regularly provide translations for the following:

  • Technical Documentation
  • Engineering Proposals
  • Marketing Content For Engineering Products
  • Technical Patents
  • IHS Standards
  • Contract Documents

Increase Content Quality and Accuracy

Engineers in each field have a unique language in which they communicate with each other. Our committed team of experts are well versed in every type of engineering content… and language. Protect your reputation. Protect your company. Trust Translation Excellence.
  • Safety Guidelines

  • Compliance Training Courses
  • Technical Patents
  • Marketing Content for Engineering Products
  • Maintenance Manuals

Leading engineering firms around the globe trust Translation Excellence

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