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CART stands for Communication Access Real-time Translation and is similar to captioning services. CART provides an alternative method of receiving information by converting spoken language into text. A certified and professionally trained CART provider listens to speech, then uses a stenographer’s machine and a computer to display the text to an individual using a television or computer screen or a group using a projection system.

CART services can be provided either remotely or onsite. It is a great alternative to interpreters, particularly for consumers who speak for themselves.


For onsite services, the captioner brings equipment and the consumer can be seated next to the captioner to view the screen. If there are multiple consumers onsite, then they will each need their own screen for viewing or a projection system to project the captioning onto a screen or wall.

Most CART services are provided remotely. The captioner needs access to the audio in some way, which can be over the phone or internet conferencing. A computer with a microphone (and internet connection) is sufficient to supply the captioner with audio. As long as the captioner can clearly hear what is being said, the text can be displayed to the consumer in any location.

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For more information on CART services in general: https://www.ncra.org/

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