Cultural Role Players

Have you ever wished you could role-play a situation before having to confront the real thing?  At Translation Excellence, we offer cultural role players who will give you an authentic experience of meeting and interacting with people from another country. From greetings and goodbyes to everything in between, we will show you what to expect once you are overseas.

Cultural role playing is especially useful for military personnel who will be interacting with different cultures and languages once they are deployed. Our native-speaking role players bring knowledge of local traditions, customs, food, geography, and wardrobe to fully educate your personnel for deployment overseas.

You will learn what body language is acceptable, the proper way to greet and interact with people, useful phrases to know if you are unfamiliar with the language, along with many other cultural tips.

Please call our office today at 720-325-0459, or send us an email at info@translationexcellence.com for a free customized quote.

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