Simultaneous Interpretation Services

We offer a complete Simultaneous Interpretation and Equipment solution that simplifies your work from beginning to end. Working with professionals eliminates uncertainty and fills in gaps. Our team knows every aspect of event interpretation, including event planning, technology, translation, logistics, and special day-of needs. With our experience, we can help you plan, solve problems, and reach your objectives.

Your organization is gearing up for a significant event, like a conference, convention, or shareholder meeting, to communicate critical information to clients, prospects, or employees. But, what happens when not everyone understands the language spoken during the event? 


For a successful event, especially for those in the audience who may not comprehend the language, it’s crucial to have reliable and professional event interpretation.  That’s where TE Event Interpretation Services can help. We’re dedicated to making your multilingual event a success and have options to fit most budgets.


TE offers interpreting equipment for rent or sale, interpreters only, or both.  Regardless of which option you choose, having a basic understanding of the fundamentals of event interpretation is helpful, even if you’ve used such services before

The Fundamentals of Event Interpreting

On-site interpretation occurs at the event’s physical location, where interpreters are present to convey the speaker’s spoken content from one language to another and vice versa. This requires the use of a soundproof booth, allowing interpreters not only to hear the speaker’s words clearly but also to observe their delivery.
The saying “two heads are better than one” certainly applies to interpretation
Professional interpreters are paired based on subject matter expertise and experience and work together to seamlessly take turns interpreting what the speakers are saying. This is especially important in simultaneous interpreting, which demands a great deal of concentration and effort. Most professional interpreters can only work effectively for 15 to 20 minutes before they need to hand off to a second interpreter and take a break before continuing. Working in pairs ensures that the interpretation remains accurate and effective, and allows interpreters to take the necessary breaks to maintain their performance.

Government Agencies & Top World Brands Rely on TE

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