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The Challenges of Translating Numbers and Math

1st September, 2020 I by Andy Alexander

Translation and interpretation can be especially challenging when dealing with numbers and math.  The notation for writing out numbers and the meaning behind mathematical symbols can differ significantly depending on language and culture.  The ways in which numbers are expressed verbally are not universal either.  For instance, different cultures have their own rules for talking […]

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3 Storylines to Watch for Team USA in the 2016 Olympics

9th August, 2016 I by Zachary Sheaffer

On August 5th, 2016, the opening ceremonies of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio will commence. Before the cauldron is lit in Rio, here are a few stories to pay attention to if you are a fan of the United States. Michael Phelps’ Final Splash After announcing his retirement following the 2012 Summer Games in […]

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National Day Celebrations around the Globe

30th June, 2016 I by Zachary Sheaffer

This coming Monday is a favorite holiday for many Americans, the 4th of July, the date in which the Continental Congress formally adopted Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence in the year 1776. Today, thoughts of American flags, picnics, fireworks, hotdogs, and apple pies come to mind when one thinks of Independence Day in the United […]

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Food throughout Ramadan الطعام طوال رمضان

29th June, 2016 I by Zachary Sheaffer

Muslims are in the midst of the holy month of Ramadan; which commenced on June 5th and will conclude on July 5th. Although renowned for its focus on prayer and fasting, two of the five pillars of the Islamic faith, food plays a vital role in the practice of Ramadan as well. In regards to […]

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Father’s Day Traditions Around the World

17th June, 2016 I by Zachary Sheaffer

This Sunday, June 19th, the United States will be observing Father’s Day. Across the nation, families will honor their fathers with picnics, gifts, and other special events. At my Pennsylvania home Sunday afternoon, the grill will be warming up, baseball will be on the television, and my father will receive a gift from my sister […]

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How Radio & Television Advertising Differs from Country to Country

16th July, 2015 I by Caleb Eckenwiler

International advertising is the attempt by a company to raise awareness in a certain population in order to foster a commercial relationship between consumer and supplier. The advertisement targets a specific audience to bring in more customers that will purchase the company’s goods and services. The first television ad to air in the US was […]

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What Lunch Looks Like for People Around the World

20th November, 2014 I by Translation Excellence

Take a moment to reflect upon your lunches. No, not the lunch you had yesterday; think about the lunches you had in school. While most school lunches in the U.S. are pretty similar, if you were to visit another country, you would see that most countries have a variety of lunches. This article compares and […]

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How does language affect event perception?

23rd October, 2014 I by Charlotte Klein

As we have discussed in previous blogs, research conducted over the past few decades suggests that the language we speak affects our perception of the world. The extent of this influence is hotly debated, but it is generally accepted that our native language can shape the way we see and think about certain concepts. An […]

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Getting Around Japan Part 3: Public Transportation

16th October, 2014 I by Translation Excellence

In Part 2, we took a look at one of the main forms of Japanese public transportation: trains. This time, we’ll examine another type of Japanese public transportation available and the option of using bicycles as an alternative. Similar to trains, buses are a widely used form of transportation. Buses service both local stops and […]

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Getting Around Japan Part 2: Trains and the Shinkansen

18th September, 2014 I by Amanda Barnstien

Last time, we took a look at car usage in Japan. This time, we’ll take a look at one of the most popular forms of Japanese public transportation: trains and the shinkansen. The Japanese trains and the shinkansen are low cost and run consistently on-time without fail, making them a good option for city-goers to […]

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Getting Around Japan Part1: Do you need a car for transportation?

5th September, 2014 I by Amanda Barnstien

Many American families have at least one car they use daily for transportation. To such Americans, using public transportation is minimal or nonexistent. Japanese people, in contrast, rely on the complex and accurate public transportation systems in their cities in order to reach schools, jobs, and other places. Even though many Japanese people do not […]

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An Overview of Less Well-Known Sports in Other Countries

28th August, 2014 I by Philip Ward

While sports such as football, soccer and basketball play a huge role in the culture of the U.S., other cultures’ sports tend to be forgotten about. However, other countries’ sports play large roles in their own cultures. This blog post will provide an overview of the most popular sports in other countries. Brazil – Capoeira […]

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