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The Challenges of Translating Numbers and Math

1st September, 2020 I by Andy Alexander

Translation and interpretation can be especially challenging when dealing with numbers and math.  The notation for writing out numbers and the meaning behind mathematical symbols can differ significantly depending on language and culture.  The ways in which numbers are expressed verbally are not universal either.  For instance, different cultures have their own rules for talking […]

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To Correct or Not to Correct: Source Texts with Poor Grammar

8th November, 2017 I by Zachary Sheaffer

“I go to the store and bought eggs.” Here lies an example of one of the biggest challenges faced by translators on a daily basis- source texts with poor grammar. Should you correct the mistake? Should you let it go and just put it in your translator’s notes? Should you throw the document in the […]

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The Future of Simultaneous Interpretation

21st April, 2016 I by Kyra Hogue

A few weeks ago, we covered a brief history of simultaneous interpretation. This week, we’ll take a look ahead, and see what the future holds for simultaneous interpretation. Science fiction has always played a role in how we view technology. Some have even sighted older sci-fi films and TV shows as the basis for past […]

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First International Resolution to Protect Interpreters from Threats, Kidnapping, Injury, Death and Imprisonment

9th February, 2016 I by Translation Excellence

Linguists, more popularly known as translators, who work behind the scenes for the military, are in constant danger. Allies and foes alike view these professionals as spies, and do everything in their power to prevent the linguists from carrying out their mission: to protect fellow soldiers by translating broadcasts, yells on the battle field, and […]

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8 Misconceptions About Translation – Part II of II

17th December, 2015 I by Eve Olson

Continuing from part I. Computer translations are as good as human translations Yes, it’s true that computational linguists have made incredible progress in computer translation technology, but that does not at all mean that human translators have become obsolete. Computer-based translators use algorithms and databases to create translations, but they do not have the kind […]

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8 Misconceptions About Translation – Part I of II

23rd November, 2015 I by Translation Excellence

Translation is just changing words into another language There is much more to translation than just switching each word from one language to another. Things like idioms, metaphors, and other figurative language cannot be translated word for word because the translation would not retain the underlying meaning. Translators must analyze sentences or paragraphs as a […]

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What Is Fan Translation or Fanslation?

11th November, 2015 I by Eve Olson

Fan translation is a process through which fans and users of certain forms of entertainment provide unprofessional and untraditional translations into foreign languages. Also known as fanslation, fan translation is a way for fandoms (communities of enthusiasts of a series or art collection) to share the art they enjoy with other fans who don’t speak […]

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Happy International Translation Day!

30th September, 2015 I by Translation Excellence

Many may not have heard of it, but translation has had its own day since 1953!!! At Translation Excellence, we’d like to wish everyone a happy International Translation and Interpreting Day. Every September 30, translators and interpreters across the globe celebrate their vital, rewarding, changing and challenging work. “I firmly believe that translation and interpreting […]

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Much Ado about Translation: Translating Shakespeare

17th August, 2015 I by Elizabeth Conant

In 2012, the Globe Theater performed Shakespeare in 37 different languages. Shakespeare is one of the most universally recognized playwrights and poets in the world, and, after religious texts, his works are among the most translated texts in history. Since 1960, there have been Shakespearian publications and productions in over 75 languages, including Klingon and […]

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Translation Glossaries

22nd July, 2015 I by Eve Olson

For companies that hope to expand their consumer audience to another country or a new group of non-English speakers, high-quality translation of materials and documents into that community’s language is vital. One of the best ways to ensure that translations of all of your materials are consistent and accurate is to create translation glossaries of all of […]

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Translating Invented Terms

25th June, 2015 I by Elizabeth Conant

In some cases, translators will come across a word straight from the mind of a text’s author. When there’s no possible way for invented words to have an equivalent in the target language, translators must come up with their most creative solutions. Technical Language When an engineer or scientist invents a new process or makes […]

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Sight Translation and its Pros and Cons

17th February, 2015 I by Translation Excellence

Users of language service agencies are more and more in need of sight translation. Sight translation refers to the process of reading a document or piece of writing in the original language, and translating it out loud in the target language. It is an option for business or other professionals to receive or convey the […]

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