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Tips for Busy Language Learners: Part I

One of the greatest frustrations of older language learners is the lack of available time in the day. Be it school, work, volunteering or other obligations, it seems learning and maintaining a foreign language is unrealistic or even impossible. Many websites and classes devoted to helping language students stress the need for dedication, but dedication

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Improve Your Typing Speed

As a freelance translator, you know that the speed at which you type can significantly impact your success in the field. The slower you type, the slower you produce each translation, which limits the number of jobs you can complete in a week. Even if you would like to improve your speed, you may worry

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Simplify Your Life with Symbols

Hello, and welcome to this week’s tip-of-the-week! If you’ve missed our previous tips-of-the-week, feel free to check them out here. This week, we’re diving once more into the wonders of Microsoft Word, this time to explore a really useful feature on the “Insert” menu. Symbols may be useful, necessary, or both, depending on the types

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Exploring Word Count Tools

Many translators generate their revenue by charging a rate per word. For both the company receiving translation services and the translator, having an accurate word count becomes important in order to ensure a fair business transaction. However, many Office programs, including Microsoft Word, do not generate an accurate word count. These programs’ standard word count

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