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How to Market Energy Resources to People Who Don’t Speak Your Language

12th September, 2014 I by Philip Ward

In the energy business, advertising is critical to receiving positive reception from your clients. However, the techniques used to market to certain clients may not necessarily be universal for all clients. Perhaps, clients who don’t speak the same language as you do may misinterpret your advertising and you may receive a negative response. This blog post will provide a few techniques for your business to maximize your positive reception when marketing energy resources to people who don’t speak your language.

The most important technique is that when deciding on certain colours to use for your marketing campaign, make sure that your color choices will work well in the country where you plan on using them. Certain colors have different meanings in different countries; for more information on color choices, see here.

One other important strategy to consider is using familiar cultural themes in your advertising. Provide a relevant and memorable theme, such as a current event or a familiar culturally-appropriate example. The main focus of using familiar themes is to make your business culturally-relevant for your chosen country.

On that note, however, it is just as crucial to avoid controversial topics in your marketing campaign. Avoiding topics such as politics, economics, and social inequality is advised in order to ensure your marketing campaign is not seen as singling out any individual or group of people.

One last technique is to mention the beneficial results your business provides. For example, when marketing to the European Union, it is important to focus on the environmentally-friendly aspects of your company, since the E.U. considers protecting the environment an issue of high importance. However, when marketing to countries such as China, it may make more marketing sense to mention your business’s productivity, as China has a larger focus on efficient production over the environment. For more information on the value of energy resources in different countries, see here. (Insert hyperlink to Different countries valuing different energy resources article)

Now that you’ve received a few key techniques for marketing energy resources to other countries, how can you use some of these tips to create a more efficient overseas marketing campaign?

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