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Should I Study my Client’s Language?

10th October, 2014 I by Philip Ward

As most people with careers in the marketing business will tell you, the most important aspect to consider when marketing your service or business to your clients is their needs and interests. This is why when marketing internationally, it is important to market to your client’s culture, whether or not they speak your same language. In order to market to them more effectively, it is crucial that your business study your client’s language in order to avoid miscommunication and achieve positive client responses.

However, it is important to study your client’s culture in addition to their language. Observing and learning about people’s cultures will increase mutual understanding which helps to establish trust and create meaningful business relationships over time. Not only will you make a good impression on your current clients, but by relating to your clients, you positively impact investors and partners who may want to work with your company in the future.

By studying your client’s language, it becomes easier for them to not only communicate with you, but also for you to interact with them. Clients are generally more interested in working with businesses that take the time to study their languages over companies that don’t, since it shows that these businesses value their clients’ needs.

Interpreters are often used when working with clients who don’t speak the same language, and while this may not be as effective as studying their language yourself, it still demonstrates your companies interest in your clients.

While studying your client’s language will not guarantee success for your international marketing campaigns, it is an important step for understanding your clients.

Have you ever studied a foreign language so you could better communicate with potential clients?

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