Video/Web Conference Interpretation

If you’re like most busy professionals, you have a thousand and one things to get done during the work day, and little time to waste. With Translation Excellence’s top-of-the-line video and web conferencing tools you are able to communicate with anyone from anywhere without leaving your desk. That means you can still check incoming email and keep track of other work tasks without the worry of a long commute to a distant city that consumes your valuable time.

Whether you’re meeting with business partners overseas or across the street, Translation Excellence can save you time, money, and the stress of communicating in a foreign language.  Our linguistically and culturally competent conference interpreters are familiar with the latest video and web conferencing systems, including Skype, GoTo Meeting, and WebEx. We only use the latest version of any software, and only the software that will best exceed your needs for your particular situation.

What we guarantee:

  • On-time – Our conference interpreters will be on-time, every time, which means at least five minutes before the start of your meeting.
  • An uninterrupted meeting – Our web and video conference interpreters always check their camera, microphone, speakers, and operating system for any problems before your event to ensure a flawless and successful meeting.
  • Appropriate interpretation of all verbal and non-verbal communication – Sometimes what isn’t said is more important than what is. Non-verbal communication differs across cultures, and our experienced interpreters will convey this meaning in a culturally-appropriate way to ensure no misunderstanding.
  • Professional – Our interpreters will always present themselves professionally in both speech and dress.

Do you need a web or video interpreter? Please give us a call at 720-325-0459 to guarantee your next meeting is a virtual success

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