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Translation Services for Business Professionals

Whether your firm has 50 employees or 5000, efficient and accurate communication is crucial. From a misunderstanding of company goals to the misinterpretation of an important contract, language barriers in the human resources department can be very serious. At Translation Excellence, we understand the frustrations that can result from miscommunication. We want your business to operate as smoothly as possible and are dedicated to helping you reach out to each and every employee, regardless of language. Examples of human resources (HR) documents may include:

  • Employment applications
  • Website materials
  • Workplace safety manuals
  • Contracts and forms
  • Performance reviews
  • Employee handbooks
  • Insurance and benefits plans

HR Translation ServicesPerhaps you operate in a multilingual region and wish to attract employees from a range of language backgrounds. You may be in the process of expanding abroad and would like to translate memos and newsletters to make them accessible to all workers. Every linguist at Translation Excellence is fluent in at least two languages. Depending on the area in which your business is located, we will find a suitable translator familiar with the specific cultural and linguistic norms of the region. If you are thinking of expanding to Brazil, for example, we will provide a linguist with an extensive background in Brazilian Portuguese. In addition, each translator specializes in a particular field, and we will select a translator familiar with human resources documents and the challenges they present.

You cannot afford to risk miscommunication, so why leave it to chance? Paperwork need not be frustrating; allow us to resolve any unwanted complications by eliminating the language gap between you and your employees. Our certified linguists are ready to help you communicate in over 135 different languages!

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