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Linguists Selection Process

Linguists Selection Process

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At Translation Excellence, we understand the importance of providing the highest levels of quality in a timely fashion.  We use a layered, multi-pronged approach in assigning resources to each project.  All of our linguists go through a robust six-step Linguist Selection Process before being assigned to a project.

Language skills, certifications and accreditations. Is the linguist a native speaker of the source language, and fluent in the target language?  Do these skills extend to all relevant dialects?  Does he or she have a university degree in translation, interpretation, or equivalent, and an appropriate certification from a nationally recognized institution?
Subject matter knowledge. Does the linguist have expertise in the subject matter(s) of relevance to the project?  For projects that require it, is this linguist a bona fide subject matter expert (SME)?
Experience. Does the linguist have at least three years of experience (or more, de­pending on the nature of the project) in providing high-quality translation, interpretation, desktop publishing, or transcription services of the type required for the project, taking into account the specific task at hand?
Availability. Does the linguist have sufficient availability?  Is the linguist able to meet travel requirements ? For rapid response assignments, we will assess whether a linguist will be fully available for the extended hours that may be required.
Ability to work well under tight deadlines. Does the linguist demonstrate a high level of concentration, with the ability to deliver services with split-second accuracy?  For example, interpreters need to demonstrate the ability to work under stress, and deliver clear interpretations on a broad range of subjects, taking into account the types of specialized terminology that will be used.   We will also assess whether a language professional has demonstrated tenacity when faced with difficult problems or challenges, and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations.
Candidates must have positive references that can verify their knowledge of terminologies for certain fields, processes and procedures, as well as their professionalism in dealing with confidential information. Also, before assigning an otherwise qualified linguist to a Task Order, we will brief them on the confidentiality requirements associated with the assignment, and will obtain their signature on the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), as described in H.9 of the RFP.  (Note:  All in-house staff will sign these agreements immediately upon contract award.  When we plan to assign a consultant linguist to a Task Order we will obtain that person’s signature on the NDA before making a final decision to deploy that person.)

Other relevant skills.  For example, does the professional have the required desktop publish­ing skills, and expertise in complying with Section 508 requirements?   If the project requires us to prepare online materials, does this person have sufficient skills to use graphics, typography, color choices, and layouts that can be easily rendered on modern Web browsers?

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