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Have you recently expanded your business overseas and need a new online presence? Do you want to market your products and services to more customers in the U.S. and around the world who may not speak English as their first language?

Whether you want to provide services to non-English speaking customers across the street or across the globe, Translation Excellence has language experts to appropriately convey your marketing message and business presence from one language and culture to another.

More than simply translation, language services for a website involve developing a culturally-appropriate marketing message that resonates with your new audience. The colors used, the specific number of images, and the product emphasis are all designed to accurately reflect and appeal to the linguistic and cultural needs of your audience.

As an example, bicycles may be viewed as a true means of transportation or as a form of exercise. Clothes dryers may be considered essential or as a luxury. Cultural factors, social influences, and regional climate differences mean that a product or service that is necessary in one place may be unnecessary or less valued in another place. In many parts of the world, for example, clothes lines are common, whereas they are impractical in Colorado. Bicycles are used for transportation in many Asian countries where it is less practical to own a car, but are seen as a form of exercise or recreation in the United States, where owning a car is essential in many places.

Website translation requires an awareness of cultural and social factors in addition to linguistic considerations to ensure your products and services are appropriately represented to your target audience. It would sound out of place to market bicycles as transportation in the United States, and equally out of place to market them as a form of simple exercise to people in China, where they are common.

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