Certified Medical Translators & Interpreters

Our Medical Translators & Interpreters Are Industry Professionals

The medical field plays a critical role in saving the lives of countless people around the world. Within this industry, any translations must be accurate in order to protect patients and provide them with needed information.

Medical documents, including lab reports, data sheets, product labels, and patient information leaflets require a professional level of understanding in order to be translated accurately. Beyond the words used, translated medical materials must take cultural considerations into account. Such considerations may include the use of patient-centered language, using a style of writing in patient information leaflets that better resonates with members of a particular cultural background, or providing an abundance of pictures and graphics for people who benefit more from a visual layout.

At Translation Excellence, we realize how important translation services are in the medical industry. In order to prevent any mishaps associated with a mistranslation, our skilled linguists have undergone medical translation training. With our team of proofreaders and editors, your translation will be accurate and culturally appropriate


In a hospital setting, it is important for a patient to have access to medical forms in a language they understand. Such documents may include HIPAA notices, consent forms, and general procedure information.

We realize that patient information must be kept confidential. Our provided language services comply with strict standards of confidentiality and respect patients’ right to privacy. All of our translators sign nondisclosure agreements before completing any translation project. In addition, Translation Excellence is also willing to sign any confidentiality or nondisclosure forms provided by a specific medical facility.

Our medical translation services cover more than 135 languages. As a result, you can rest assured that Translation Excellence will be able to fulfill all your medical translation needs in a timely manner.

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