Experienced Interpretation LSP for Chinese Language

At Translation Excellence (TE), we pride ourselves on being a leading Language Service Provider in Chinese interpretation. With years of experience and a skilled team of highly educated interpreters, we guarantee accurate and culturally sensitive communication in Chinese for all client needs.

How Translation Excellence Ensures Success

Translation Excellence (TE), a federally certified US-based language service provider founded in 2010, empowers you to break down language and cultural barriers. Backed by over 30 full-time staff, 6 ISO certifications, and a network of 20,000+ qualified linguists (many with US security clearances), TE offers unmatched expertise in 250+ languages. Our offices in Denver and Washington, D.C., ensure responsive service across the US, making TE your ideal partner for success in the global marketplace.

Chinese Translation services

Why Choose Us for Chinese Translation Services

At Translation Excellence, Inc., clear communication across languages is our top priority. That’s why we exclusively utilize native Chinese linguists for all your legal and business needs. Here’s what sets Translation Excellence apart:

Accuracy & Nuance Guaranteed:

Our native Chinese speakers have a deep understanding of cultural references, idioms, and legal terminology specific to the region you're targeting. This ensures your message resonates with the intended impact, every time.

Cultural Sensitivity is Built-In:

Don't risk misunderstandings! Our linguists navigate cultural nuances seamlessly, fostering trust and clear communication during negotiations, presentations, or legal proceedings.

Building Rapport Comes Naturally:

Interactions feel more natural and engaging when participants are in their native language. Our native Chinese speakers help you build stronger connections with clients and partners.

Confidence Through Clarity:

Subtleties in language can become roadblocks. Our native speakers identify and address potential ambiguities, ensuring crystal-clear communication that drives successful outcomes.

Translation Excellence – Because success speaks Chinese (and so do we).

Industries for Chinese Language

Top Industries We Serve

IndustriesServices we provide
LegalContract translations, Court decisions and proceedings, Legal documents translation, Intellectual property translations, Transcribing audio recordings and Interrogations, Conferences and meetings, Telephone recordings, Hearings or interviews.
EngineeringTranslation of Technical Documentation, Engineering Proposals, Marketing Content For Engineering Products, Technical Patents and Contract Documents.
FinancialFinancial reports translation, Banking documents translation, Investment proposals, Insurance policies, Asset management documents, Brokerage agreements, Payment processing documents translation.
EducationSchool website translation and localization, Registration and enrollment document, Deaf and hard of hearing programs, Interpretation services for parent-teacher conferences, Translation of school curriculum, policies, and procedures, Translation of parent and student handbooks, Translation of report cards and parent notifications.
Life SciencesMedical interpretation services, Clinical translation and validation, Regulatory document translation, Marketing and commercialization translation, Intellectual property translation, Pharmaceutical translation and medical device localization.
ManufacturingOn-site meetings interpretation, Safety training, Technical document translation, User manuals.
EcommerceWebsite content translation, App translation, Vdeo localization
Travel and TourismLanguage support for tourist attractions, Translation services for Online Travel Agencies, Localization for Hotels
Energy Legal document translation, Marketing localization and transcreation, Technical translation, Remote video and telephone interpretation, AI & Machine Translation, Language & Cultural training, Website and software localization, In-person interpreting for international business dealings.

Types of Interpretation for Chinese Language


Over-The-Phone (OPI)

Professional On-Demand phone interpreting

Simultaneous Interpretation

Receive the same information, at the same time, in your own language.

Video/Web Conference

communicate with anyone from anywhere without leaving your desk.

ASL Interpreting

TE Helps Organizations Meet the Needs of their Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D/HoH) Employees and Visitors

Consecutive Interpretation

When the speaker pauses for the interpreter to translate the message into the target language

Chinese language details including:

CountryNative Chinese Speakers (approximately)
China1.2 Billion
Taiwan23 Million
Singapore4 Million
Data source (Wiki) updated on: 05/21/2024

FAQs section about TE and Chinese interpretation

Yes, TE offers Chinese translation services for a wide range of industries, including healthcare, legal, corporate, and government sectors

Simply visit our website or contact us directly at 720-325-0459 to discuss your interpretation needs and schedule services accordingly.

Yes, Chinese interpreters are in high demand due to several factors:
Business Opportunities, Globalization, Cultural Exchange, International Events.
Overall, the demand for Chinese interpreters is expected to continue to grow as globalization and international interactions increase.

Chinese to English translator salaries in China vary based on experience and factors like location and employer. Entry-level translators earn around 5,000 to 10,000 RMB monthly, while experienced ones may earn 10,000 to 30,000 RMB or more. Freelancers charge per word or project, with rates determined by complexity and urgency.

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