Translation & Interpretation Services For Insurance Companies


Car insurance, home insurance, and life insurance are all important to protect valuable personal assets and human life. A language barrier should not prevent clients from accessing these money-saving and life-saving services.

Translation Excellence provides translation and interpretation services for over 135 different languages. If you regularly work with clients who do not speak English, your company may benefit from professional translation services. 

We provide translations for insurance materials, including but not limited to the following:
  • Claims
  • New client applications
  • Company website
  • Reports


Clients frequently complete claims forms when filing insurance reports. These claims are both more accurate and descriptive when provided in the client’s native language. Our professional translators are available to translate both the claim forms and to provide translated and certified copies of the client’s completed form to your insurance agency. When claims and other documents are translated, they provide a more accurate understanding of those factors involved in the claim process that may not otherwise be evident if the client wrote in his or her non-native language.

Often, when clients are asked to complete forms, the terminology used may be confusing or unclear. When the client doesn’t speak English, this confusion may be even greater. By providing translated copies of application forms, your company website, claim forms, privacy policies, and other documentation, you ensure all clients have equal access to your materials and are able to take full advantage of the services your company offers. Insurance-specific terminology should not stop your clients from fully understanding their policies; by providing translations of these materials, you help to ensure all clients are fairly represented in the insurance process, no matter their language or cultural background.

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