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From word processing software like Microsoft Word to specialized software for engineering and graphic design, software packages are used every day to complete a wide variety of tasks.

While software is often global, its interface will necessarily change. Because people speak different languages, write times and dates in a variety of formats, and value different features, the same software in one country may actually be presented or used differently in another country.

Localizing software involves translating your software’s text and interface so they accurately reflect the needs and expectations of your target audience. From time and date formats to graphics, colors, and the style of language used, software localization is a complex process of transforming your product to appeal to a new demographic.

The French used in Canada is not the same as the French used in France, and Costa Rican Spanish is distinct from the Spanish used in Mexico. Speakers of a dialect use words and phrases specific to the dialect and region in which they live. Localized software reflects the language used in a specific region, and takes into account the ways in which the people of that region will use the software.

Just as computer keyboards are region-specific, software must also reflect the needs of its users by providing those features and interfaces they find most helpful. In a country where users value the use of pre-made templates, word processing software may provide a greater number of convenient templates for users to choose from. If users appreciate tables, charts, and other visuals, these features are likely to be provided in place of standard text.

Reflecting the needs and expectations of a specific demographic means knowing what they value and reflecting that value in your localized software. Translation Excellence provides software localization services to companies wishing to expand their services to new markets and reach new users.

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